Professional Standards

In Michigan, all university training programs are NASP approved, which follows a comprehensive practice model.  MASP supports the NASP practice model, that fully encompasses the modern role of the school psychologist beyond the traditional "test and place" type role.  The 10 NASP practice model domains inform our role and practice.  In 2020, NASP updated the practice model, which demonstrates our all-encompassing skills; see the graphic model below:

About the NASP Practice Model

Ethical & Legal Considerations

School Psychologists, as part of practice, follow legal and ethical guidelines.  School psychologists are highly familiar with and abide by special education law, and practice under the guise of ethics from the American Psychological Association (APA) and NASP.  The NASP professional ethics and the American Psychological Association (APA) code ethics are foundational for school psychology practice.

In 2015, the MASP board created procedures for examining ethical violations, which can be found here.  For further questions, reach out to our Professional Standards Chair, Dr. Cheryl Somers. 

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